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What Is Content Marketing, Anyway?

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

If you’re new to trying to sell things online for a profit, you may be wonder what is content marketing, anyway?  How does it differ from other marketing methods?

In affiliate marketing, there are several ways you can capture market share for products you are promoting.  One is to buy targeted banner ads on websites.

  • You can buy banner ads on websites where your potential customers visit
  • You can buy text ads like Google Adwords, and set them to show up on pages your potential audience may reach
  • You can pay-per-click in shopping engines

As you may have noticed, all of these have a hard cost associated with them, and it can be easy to spend thousands of dollars without any idea if your marketing strategy will work or not.

So what’s a new-to-the-internet person to do? Enter  the elbow grease method of making money online – content marketing!

What is Content Marketing?

When you engage in content marketing, you use several methods to ‘spread the word’ – your word, that is!  Popular methods include:

  • Writing articles and submitting them to article directories
  • Writing blog posts and creating an authoritative website with dozens of posts using strategic keywords
  • Publishing reviews of products, both written and in video form
  • Creating lenses or hub pages

What’s the advantage to using this method over other methods?

First, it gives you time to really assess a market without ‘betting the ranch’.  You can see if a sales page converts, if you have the right target audience, if your understanding of the product is thorough, and if you understand what drives customers to buy products that you are marketing.

Second, you are in complete control.  With paid banners and text ads, the cost can spiral while you’re busy looking after other things, and you can find yourself in trouble quickly.  And when the money’s gone, it’s gone.  But with content marketing, you can invest as little or as much time as you have.  And almost without exception, the more you invest and the more you learn, the more return you see for your money.

Third, you can easily create content that changes as the keywords around an opportunity change.  Using a complementary SEO strategy to shape your content is far more effective than just writing blindly.

What is content marketing, really?  A strategy that allows you to learn, grow, and scale your online marketing career at your pace.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing: Cutting Through the Clutter

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Everyone thinks making money online is easy – after all, the news is full of stories of mommies who blog for millions while raising six children, and 12-year-old whiz kids who somehow manage to create a game more viral than anything Nintendo could come up with, right?  Well, if you’ve ever tried it you know how hard it really is!  Courses that purport to be aimed at newbies often contain so much information that you’d need to hire a team of experts just to interpret each step.

So if you’ve taken the first step and figured out that there are companies like Amazon, for example, that offer you a commission every time a sale is made from your website, you are probably wondering how to start affiliate marketing.

In the simplest of terms, start by taking a manageable bite of the apple!  You didn’t learn how to spell the first time you saw the alphabet – why would affiliate marketing be any different?

Pick one product and one strategy to promote it, and then stick with that technique until you’re successful.  And hint: successful means that you practiced it and practiced it until you got it right, not that you tried it once.  Be so tough on yourself as to set a sale as the measure of success.

Too often would-be affiliate marketers get caught up in the clutter of online money-making techniques, jumping from one strategy to another, reading everything they can, and then suffering from ‘analysis paralysis’.  In trying to do everything, they end up doing nothing at all.

The only sure-fire way to success isn’t to keep searching for the right guru, the right set of tools, or the right on-sale-for-just-3-hours-longer offer: it’s to execute on one strategy.

At, we have one strategy that we teach you: writing high-quality content.  When founder Dan Ho was left at home with twin babies and desperately wondering how to start affiliate marketing, he took a product he was passionate about and he started to research, and to write.  He tried lots of styles, lots of sites to publish on, lots of keywords, and he eventually developed  a world-class system that he eventually started to teach other new marketers so that they too would know how to start affiliate marketing – how to start it, how to refine it, and how to sustain it.

Everyone has something they like to do – some people like to design sites, some people like to measure and test search engine ads.  But those who like to write, who are genuinely curious, and who are willing to put time and effort into researching their topic, becoming an expert, and sharing their knowledge, are sure to find success at  If that describes you, join now!

Discover the Best Internet Business Opportunity Available Today

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

This is the age of the internet and the luxury it affords: being able to legitimately work at home, whether part time or full time.

Although there are numerous ways you can earn money online, the absolute best internet business opportunity as far as I’m concerned is affiliate marketing.


Well, first and foremost, when you do affiliate marketing, you don’t have to engage in product creation; you simply sell the products other companies have already created. This saves a tremendous amount of time and money.

You don’t have to risk enormous sums of money and liability with manufacturing products that sell. Rather, you can simply research what sells and then jump on those trends and opportunities.

In addition, unlike retail stores, when you do affiliate marketing, you don’t have to buy and stock the products you sell and deal with customers. The company itself fulfills all the orders and deals with the customers!

Your one and only job is to market the products, which you can do entirely online — yes, that’s right, in affiliate marketing you never even have to deal with the face to face rejection that most sales people have to deal with.

It’s perfect for shy or introverted people.

Another reason the best internet business opportunity is affiliate marketing is because of the huge income upside potential. There is no ceiling on your earnings. Your worth isn’t determined by a boss you don’t like, but by how productive you are.

In addition, the expenses of running this business are among the lowest of all business models. Less than $50 dollars a month puts you in business. I don’t know any other authentic business with real income potential that can make the same claim.

Perhaps the best part is that it’s a true home based business. As someone who has been a full time affiliate marketer for the better part of a decade, I can tell you that the joys of getting to spend a lot of quality time with my family is truly priceless.

Your next step? If you’re looking for a real way to create a career or just a part time income, start educating yourself on the ins and outs of how to do affiliate marketing properly. And don’t worry. It’s not hard. When you find out just how simple it is, you’ll wonder why more people aren’t yet involved.

It won’t always be this way. Years from now, the competition could make this a very difficult business, but thankfully the window of opportunity is still wide open.