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Thanks for your interest in joining us as an affiliate for

Although anyone can fill out the brief application on this page, I must warn you that before your account goes live, I, or another staff member of AAW, must personally approve your account.


Simple. We only want students who have applied the system and actually produced sales to represent us. Such students can write about our service in an authentic manner because it’s not theory to them.

If you are a newer member, I advise that you stick to one of the lifetime income opportunities we offer in the training service and think about applying to become an affiliate after you’ve started to sell products and know our system well.

The good news is our system is actually very simple, as all longer term members know!

So, anyone who truly wants to become an affiliate is virtually guaranteed acceptance: just follow the system and apply it until you make it work for you. Then we’d love to have you as a partner.

How the Affiliate Program Works

Our affiliate program is very simple. First, I’m a big believer in recurring, lifetime income. So that’s exactly what we offer here at AAW.

You will receive 25% of the $29.99 a month membership fees for any and all sign ups — until the member decides to leave the service.

Very straightforward and fair.

Payments will be issued once a month and there is a $50 dollar minimum threshold which you must meet before a check is cut.

There is No Monthly Presell Fees and Top Level Domains are Free

We are not building a presell page in the middle for the AAW affiliate opportunity. None is needed. In fact, in your articles themselves, you should detail some of your experiences and anecdotes in a non-promotional manner. That will make your articles more powerful.

We will register your top level domains for free. You will use your top level domain in your author resource box, which will redirect automatically to your given affiliate link.

This will be effective. I guarantee it.

If you want control over your own domain and hosting, then simply register yourself a domain once you’re approved for the affiliate program and do a simple direct to your affiliate URL.

If you have any problems doing the redirect, email Amie and she will assist you.

Sign Up Today

Ready to get started building lifetime, recurring income with us? Fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can if you are accepted into the program.

Thank you for your interest.

Dan Ho

PS Remember, if you are not ready yet, you can always come back to reapply in the future and we’ll gladly reconsider you for approval then.


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