Weekly Classes


This is your schedule at a glance. Bookmark this page and come back as you go through each week’s lessons and get on your way to making recurring lifetime income!

Watch the right-hand side of each week’s lesson for extra tips and your homework assignments. Stay on track and get into the groove to become a successful online affiliate writer.

Here is the process in a nutshell:
1) We give you keywords.
2) You write articles on those keywords.
3) You submit those articles to Ezinearticles and other directories.
4) Articles will get ranked in the search engines and pull traffic over time.
5) That traffic will be directed to your presell
6) That presell will only profile ONE product, not more than one.

That’s it. That’s the entire process. As simple as pie. All of our presells are targeted for one product only for a reason.

Your only job is to get good at writing high quality articles on the keywords we provide once you’e selected one of the products to promote. With that said, here’s the step-by-step training!


Week 1

How AffiliateArticleWriters helps you create recurring income; the critical concept most new article affiliates miss, and beating the odds

Week 2

Writing articles that sell; techniques to help you ‘get the click’, how to create an account at Ezine Articles.

Week 3

Submitting your articles: what to do if there are problems

Week 4

Advanced Techniques to help your writing and to help you grow your business