What is Article Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, “Article marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles related to their respective industry.”

That definition works for me. But definitions don’t make people money, do they?

Definitions aside, what I find interesting is that most online marketers speak of article marketing as if it’s assumed everyone using it has a common aim.

This is not nearly the case.

Article marketing is an advertising form with many potential facets. Some people are so fenced in with their beliefs that if you do article marketing with a different aim than they do, they think you are doing it wrong.

Some people do article marketing for any number of reasons. Here are just a few examples:

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your topic
  • Branding your company, product, or service
  • Building back links to your website
  • Get targeted search engine traffic for free

Other than these reasons, there are additional benefits of article marketing, like their potentially viral nature.

Having said all of this, let me tell you the reason I use article marketing and what it means to me. I use it exclusively for affiliate marketing purposes.

I understand my answer also opens up another can of worms because there are numerous ways to do affiliate marketing, even if you’re just talking within the realm of article marketing.

So let me be very specific: the way I prefer to do article marketing is to use it to deliver information via keyword centric articles and “get the click.” Get the click here means, of course, get the person to visit my site’s URL.

Once that happens, my mission is accomplished. Now it’s time for my presell site to do its job.

We could debate until we’re blue in the face now on what are the best marketing methods to employ once someone is at your presell site, but for me, my goal is make a sale as fast as possible by positioning the products, getting the visitor in the right frame of mind, and to have them visit the merchant’s site ASAP.

Other people may disagree with this method, but it works. And it works well. And it doesn’t just work for me: it works for the many, many students in my training service.

The key here is to promote programs that pay lifetime income. This changes the game from one of being a salesperson making one shot commissions and sales….to being someone who is building a true asset: a customer list that you, for lack of a better word, “own.”

If you follow this method, consistently, you can create a very significant ongoing, residual income….and article marketing can be your sole means of achieving it.

Dan Ho

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