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Article Writing Tip: Planned Breaks

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Article Writing TipHere’s an article writing tip that may help you!

If you’re like me, there are days when you’re staring down the quota of articles you set for yourself and you just don’t think you can get through it.

Or I start to research a particular keyword, and before you know it I’m 20 pages deep at Amazon with a lovely new book or DVD on my wish list!

It can be hard to stay focused and on course, but like most people, I respond well to rewards.

After much experimentation, I’ve found that if I take time to play a game after each article, I am able to stay focused and not get overwhelmed by the keyword list in front of me.

My phone has a fun word game on it called “Shake and Spell”. (If you’ve played Boggle before, you know exactly how this game works.) You can set the time limit on it to three minutes (the max, but hey, why not go all out? After all, it’s my reward!) I finish an article, then treat myself to a game. Just one mind you! Because it’s a word game I feel like I haven’t gone too far off course, and I am constantly thinking of new words when I am playing, which helps me to write when my break is over.

I find this article writing tip has helped to keep me from following “bright shiny objects” that crop up in the course of researching an article. I know that if I can just stay the course, I can relax for a few minutes.

Because it’s the same game every time for me, my mind is trained to ‘relax and catch its breath’ for a short time, and then it knows that we have to get right back to work as soon as the game is done.

Other tricks help me to start an article, or to find a unique angle, but this one in particular just helps me to stay the course and get through the list I have set for the day. If you’re like me, crossing off a goal on your to-do list gives you immense satisfaction, and it helps you to feel optimistic about your odds for success.

Do you have an article writing tip that helps you get through your list for the day? I’d love to hear about them!

Easy Article Writing Secrets That Can Boost Your Online Income Quickly

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Article marketing as a means to generate leads and sales has been around for several years now, and despite some loud claims of its impending obsolescence, it’s going to remain a viable marketing vehicle for many more years.

However, like all other marketing methods, don’t perceive this one to be easy. Many people read about how easy article writing is and think it’s going to be their key to riches. Sadly, when they find out it takes real work and consistent work, they give up and never reap its true and long lasting benefits.

On the other hand, there are article writing secrets you can employ to make your article writing easier. Secrets is a word that is often overused, but when I use it, I just mean these are things most people simply aren’t aware of and don’t employ, even though they should. Not that they are secrets in the sense that there’s some conspiracy to keep them from you.

One of the best article writing secrets I can give you right now is to write your articles in sets. This means to group your articles in related themes and write as many of those as you can before moving onto another set.

For example, if you are writing about health or nutrition related issues, like I often do, then I might break my article writing into sets about the benefits of fish oil for heart health and write as many articles on that topic as I can before moving to another theme.

Why does this strategy work so well? It’s because to write well about a topic, the most time consuming part is actually the research that goes into the article. If you do the research beforehand, you can write articles almost nonstop on a set without having to keep looking for new reference material.

In addition to employing this easy article writing tip above, another strategy you’ll want to use is to write the actual article titles out for several articles before writing the article bodies themselves.

Why is this a powerful technique? Because the article body must deliver on the article title. So by coming up with some interesting article titles first, you’ve already steered the direction you need to go with the article body itself. I find that when I use this technique, the articles naturally flow from me almost effortlessly when I begin writing.

Try these and other article writing secrets out before you judge, and you’ll find out for yourself just how much they can boost your productivity and online business!