How To Write Articles For Money Using The Affiliate Marketing Model

The writer’s dream? To engage in his or her creativity while managing to make a living from it.

Sooner or later, most of us realize we won’t be the next Stephen King or John Grisham, so we use our writing skill for more practical matters: like generating a useful income online.

There are several ways you can write articles for money online, and some are better than others. I will cover just two basic ways here.

First, there are companies and places online that will pay you a modest fee, usually a fixed one, if you create content for them or pen blog posts that they will publish. Sometimes they will give you a byline (meaning author credit), and other times they will want to run it under their own name or brand (you play the role of ghostwriter).

Although freelance writing or creating content for blogs is a viable way to write articles for money, it’s not my preferred method for a couple major reasons. First, you are simply trading time for dollars without building any equity for your efforts. Secondly, the pay scale is usually very low because there are a lot of writers online who are willing to do this sort of writing for cheap.

The second way to write articles for money is to use your writing skills through the prism of affiliate marketing. If you direct your writing talents toward a leveraged system, you can actually build equity through your writing efforts.

What do I mean?

Consider this: for many years I have been promoting affiliate programs that pay me lifetime income. This means, if I bring a customer to the company, the company pays me every time that customer comes back to buy — again and again.

That means by writing even a few articles, I am beginning to build equity, because I can get potentially paid over and over again for the one time effort of those articles. This means I am no longer trading time for dollars in a strict sense.

The second factor that makes this work is to apply the article writing via a system. The scatter shot approach of trying to write articles on a whole bunch of affiliate programs, constantly changing from one to the other, is a sure fire way to dilute your success or prevent your success from happening altogether.

This is why when I created an affiliate training system based on article writing, it had to be a system — one that kept people focused and one that was scalable — and only on carefully selected products and companies that pay for life.

Writing articles for money won’t be an overnight road to riches, but it can be a viable method to generating a useful income online.

Dan Ho is the founder of, where he teaches hundreds of students how to generate lifetime income through affiliate marketing. Dan Ho is also personally passionate about working out and natural health in his spare time. He is a stay-at-home dad to three young children.

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