Freelance Article Writing: Making Money In A Tough Economy

Are you looking for a great way to earn money from home, either while you look after young children or aging parents? Perhaps you’re trying to replace some income that was lost in this tough economy. Regardless of your reason, one low-cost way to start making money is with freelance article writing.

Writing For Other People

One way to make money with freelance article writing is to look for work on websites such as Odesk or Elance. These sites allow you to post samples of your writing, and you can get notified when people are looking for writers who match your criteria.

The downside? It’s “work once, get paid once”.

Work Once, Get Paid Forever

There is a smarter way to do freelance article writing: use article writing as a marketing strategy to get traffic to your affiliate link.

An affiliate link is a cookie that gets set on someone’s computer when they click on an article you have written. You get that cookie from a merchant who has items for sale online.

When you use this strategy, you write articles that contain a link back to the merchant’s site with your cookie, or to your website that also has a link back to the merchant’s site.

A potential customer clicks on it, and if they buy something, you get a commission on the sale!

What’s the Forever Part?

If you pick the merchants wisely, you can find some that give you what is called a “lifetime commission”. In short, that means that every time the customer in the example above purchases something, you will get a commission, for as long as that person remains a customer. Even if it’s years.

So instead of your freelance article writing only netting you a couple of dollars on one of those websites I mentioned above, your articles potentially earn you money for life. Now, doesn’t that sound like a better deal?

In addition, your articles can reach more than one person (obviously!). If you do the work correctly, you can get highly ranked at search engines for the topics you’re writing on, and that’s when the money will start to flow in.

It isn’t easy to find the right merchants to partner with, of course. It’s critically important that you don’t waste time with shady or untrustworthy affiliate partners.

It’s also important that you have a strategy around the keywords you use in your articles to get people who are looking to buy.

To find out the best programs to work with, the right keywords to use, and to get lessons on how to do freelance article writing so that it makes sales for you, visit our website today.

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