Do You Chase “Bright, Shiny Objects”? “Annoying” Product Launches and Other Musings.

Internet marketing product launches. You must be sick of them by now.

If you’re an internet marketer of any variety and are on several newsletters, you get beat over the head everytime a big “guru” launches a product. They get all of their pals to blast their lists with it. Ad nauseam.

The formula looks pretty much the same now. The particular list owner will try to entice you to buy it through their link by giving you a better bonus than the next guy.

Maybe you’re so sick of some of these launches, you’ve unsubscribed from a bunch of the newsletters. That’s fine. So have I sometimes.

But what you should never do is get mad about these product launches or the people promoting them.

If I’m to be very objective, I would say that most of these products are probably very good. Many of these “gurus” got to where they are because they know what they are doing and earned their status and influence.

Now, this doesn’t mean you’re wrong to unsubscribe from some of these newsletters. And it certainly doesn’t mean you should buy most, or even any of these products.

Sticking To Your Plan

You need to stay focused on your own goals, but admittedly, seeing all of these new “bright, shiny objects” can certainly be tempting.

I know I’ve heard their siren song myself more than once.

But, let’s back up a minute. Why shouldn’t you be mad? Maybe you’re thinking: “Dan, have you lost your marbles?” All these guys do is “pimp out” any and all big product launches to make a few more bucks.

In some cases, I think that’s true.

But in many cases, I don’t. In many, I think the person promoting it to their list genuinely believes it’s a good product.

Moreover, I don’t have a problem per se with each JV partner trying to one up the other with more and more bonuses. That’s just the competitive nature of the marketplace. It’s an inherently good thing.

But, let’s get more to the point of why I don’t think you should get mad or irritated. Then we’ll move to a short discussion of how I view personally view these launches.

Jealousy Pangs, Abundance & Scarcity Thinking

If you get mad hearing about these product launches — and you’re honest with yourself — maybe there’s a pang of jealousy deep down (or maybe not so deep down).

That’s OK. It’s normal to feel jealous. We all do.

But you have to keep it in check. I’m not a really big “The Secret” type guy, but I am a big believer in cause and effect.

And, I am a big believer that the beliefs you hold in your mind — whether that of scarcity or abundance — will play a large role in your eventual success or not.  This is just cause and effect.

When I trained myself to think in abundance, I began to think “Good for them” when someone launched a new product, even if I got blasted with it from 10 different JV partners.

Jay Stockwell, Allan Gardyne’s partner, of said it best in a recent newsletter when he stated something to the effect of: “Would you feel the same way if it was YOUR product all of those people were pushing out/launching?”

I’m paraphrasing.

But that’s a great point.

Most of us, I think, would be elated if it WAS our product. But if it’s not, we get jealous and sometimes angry at seeing so many affiliate marketing product launches.

The moral of the story here is: try to think in terms of abundance and do your best to conjure up feelings of good will to these people succeeding.

Not for their sake, but for your own. Really. It will benefit you because you’ll train your mind to become an abundance thinker, not a scarcity laden one.

Again, this doesn’t mean you should stay subscribed to every newsletter blasting your inbox. If you’ve realized you’ve subscribed to too many and they are sucking up 2 hours of your day going through them, it’s time to unsubscribe to most of them.

Having said all of this, how do I view these product launches?

My Take

1) I like to study them to see how they’re being marketed. I like to look at the salesletter, the process, from first point of contact, right up till the point where I’m supposed to take out my credit card. I get a real education just going thru the process. And it’s free.

2) Other than studying the process/steps of the launch itself, I ask myself: “Would this product provide a benefit to how I’m already marketing online?” If the answer is no, I ignore it. Because the no tells me it’s a “bright, shiny object” that I’m going to be chasing after and leaving behind what works for me.

However, if the answer is YES, it may augment or add to what I am currently doing, then I may very well be interested in purchasing it.

Eventually, some of these products/tactics/and techniques I learn from these launches will be incorporated into to benefit all of you.

But ONLY if I think it’s relevant to the way the service works and is set up.

I ignore any and all launches dealing with PPC, because we don’t teach that and never will.

I ignore any and all offers on product launches that teach you how to make gobs of money with CPA offers because we stick to lifetime income programs.

I ignore any and all product launches on how to create your own products, because we are affiliate marketers.

See where I’m going with this? It’s not that those products weren’t good for the right people. It’s just that I know next week there will be another “bright, shiny object” to chase.

So I have disciplined myself to review them quickly, and then ignore them if they are not relevant to what we are doing.

I actually saw a relatively new product launch that may be very relevant to what we do here in this service, and without saying more, we are going to test it in the background.

It may help radically improve our service for all of the member’s benefits and if it does, it will be a great example of a “bright, shiny object” worth chasing because it was highly relevant and potentially beneficial to what it is we do and how we make our money in this service.

So, there you have it. My take on all of those endless product launches. What’s your take?


Dan Ho

Dan Ho is the founder of, where he teaches hundreds of students how to generate lifetime income through affiliate marketing. Dan Ho is also personally passionate about working out and natural health in his spare time. He is a stay-at-home dad to three young children.

7 Responses to “Do You Chase “Bright, Shiny Objects”? “Annoying” Product Launches and Other Musings.”

  1. Tom says:

    Hi Dan, I get a ton of those product launch emails too. I look them over and see if it is something I would be interested in later on because right now I need to be focused on article marketing.
    If it is something that may interest me later, I store it in a folder in Outlook. If it is a time sensitive product launch then they will not be getting my money.

  2. Jimmy Adames says:

    Hi Dan.

    You very much covered it in a nutshell. It all comes down to focusing on your business and not get hung up with all the other stuff The saying “the grass is not always greener on the other side” is fitting because I myself have chased plenty of those bright shiny objects and by doing that wasted a lot of effort, money and time because of it.

    I also agree about negative reactions towards the people promoting the next big thing. We are all in this business to make money so I can’t get mad at people having the fortitude to go out there and bust their butts to do just that. We have control over what emails we want to receive and who to receive it from. It’s hypocritical to bitch about Internet Marketers when we are all in it to earn a buck. We can learn a lot from these gals and guys…Separating Internet Marketers and Spammers is easy to do.

    Your position was very descriptive and I enjoyed your post very much!

    Jimmy Adames

  3. Olivia says:

    I have to admit that I get annoyed with all the product launches that show up in my inbox. Last week, I even received a phone call from a very pushy salesperson trying to convince me that I was passing up an “guaranteed” opportunity to make $50,000 per month with a “bright, shiny object” from a pretty well-known internet marketer.

    For me, the shiny has worn off. I’ve learned that there are no short cuts to online success and I’m better off keeping my head down and writing articles.

    I have to wonder if these products are so wonderful, why don’t these gurus spend their time putting them to work rather than trying to convince everyone else to use them.

  4. ingrid says:

    Hey Dan

    I know exactly what you are talking about. In the beginning I used to get caught up by these “bright shiny objects”, as a newbie you might be, however as time progresses and you gain knowledge, they no longer seem so bright and shiny. Since I joined this service they all look dull, however every now and then there is one that catches my attention. However right now I just focus on writing articles and selling the products I have come to learn so much about love dearly. As you say, lifetime income is what it should be all about.

  5. Dan Ho says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Very thoughtful posts.

    Olivia, I can DEFINITELY seeing a sales call like that being annoying.

    Mobile marketing, as an aside, is starting to bug me. For example, I’ve gone to some real estate investment clubs and they ask you to fill our your info to get in. I never gave them permission to call my cell phone.

    Yet they call and leave these long recorded messages. And unfortunately, I must wait for the message to play out before I can delete it.

    That to me is very annoying. Sure, I gave my information because they ASKED for it. But they were not upfront that they would be sending me mobile messages.

    I only believe in permission based marketing and I never gave my consent.

    If they mailed me offers, I wouldn’t mind. I can either just throw it in the garbage or not. But a mobile message that sucks up 3 minutes of my time to wait for it to play out before deleting it drives me nuts.

    Thanks for all of your opinions.


  6. williampetersen says:


    I discovered that I must avoid the shiny objects. I even discovered that in some cases they came from you. This may sound strange, but as you rolled out new affiliates I have to remember to concentrate on the old ones and not jump into each new one that comes along. After the first few months of your program I scaled back to just skincare and dropped the water purification. You might consider talking about that with your new students. You will see faster results if you can concentrate on one affiliate program. It is better to write one article a day on skincare than one on skincare and the water filters the second day. You and I both know that you will still get there, but I would rather pump out three articles a day than one article in three programs. At least for the first six months.

  7. David King says:

    Hey Dan,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    We definitely do need more michigan entrepreneurs!

    Great post here…

    I used to chase shiny product launches around for quite a while…

    I have spent 5-figures on every product I could get my hands on…

    I have found that there is no product that will change your business, It’s just you.

    The products have given me a great education but action is where the money is at 🙂

    Keep it up!

    I look forward to getting to know you better!

    Tweet me @Davidbeking I would love to get to know you better!


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