Bring It On

Are you game?

Are you game?

Maybe it was the sugar high, maybe it was that last glass of eggnog. . . regardless, over the holidays a few members of my family were talking a good game about article writing, and how good they’d be at it.

Of course, it’s mid-January now and not a soul has written a word, so I decided we’d better make it a challenge if we were going to see at least one of our New Year’s Resolutions through! So we set a little wager for 100 articles, starting Monday . . .

Telling Dan about it yesterday brought about a chuckle from him, and a suggestion that I might want to expand the challenge out to a few of you hardy souls.

So here it is, the 10 Weeks to 100 Articles Challenge.

That’s right, for 10 weeks, you’ll keep up with the keyword delivery pace set by AAW. Every week, you’ll write at least 10 articles. Know you have a school play to attend next week? Ping me and I’ll send your keywords out early.

To sweeten the pot a little (since I can’t buy all of you dinner if I don’t make it to 100!), here’s how the prize structure will work at AAW:

If you sign up for the challenge, you get a little bling for your forum account, to mark you as a contender.

Each week you complete 10 articles, you’ll get a little more bling for your forum account.

If you make it to 100 articles, you’ll get a free article from us.

And if you have the most articles after 10 weeks, you’ll win five free articles from us.

Are you in? Click here to go to your dedicated forum for complete details and to sign up for the challenge.

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