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As some of you know from email exchanges with me, I’m in China this week with my husband. We took a fantastic side trip to Xi’An, fulfilling a 15-year-old dream of mine to see China’s Terra Cotta Warriors in person. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a mind-boggling archaeological excavation, first discovered by a farmer digging a well in 1974, and dating back to the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. Qin commissioned an enormous village of guardians, officers, chariots, horses and so on to guard him into the afterlife, thereby protecting his empire long after his work was done.

This incredible army currently stands at over 7,000 life-sized warriors, each one individual (upon pain of death if you were caught making them the same!). The excavations are painstaking and Ian and I were sure that in 20 years, we’ll find out the total number of warriors was much more at the time. All of this is just incredible given that it was built by hand some 200 years BC! Other emperors followed and built temporal palaces that have since crumbled and gone, but by building this magnificent complex underground and largely out of sight, Qin’s complex remains to this day.

Terra Cotta Warriors

Terra Cotta Warriors

All of it made me think of the foresight of this emperor, who, at the remarkably young age of 13 began planning for the afterlife. There are parallels to our article marketing course in some ways. By only selecting the best affiliate marketing programs, we’re able to ensure that long after we have sent our articles out into the world and they have faded from our memories, they have an afterlife of their own, bringing in lifetime commissions for us. It’s an underground strategy, based on volume, but it works.

Sound like a stretch? Well, since few of us have half a million or so servants at our beck and call to make our fortunes for us, it’s nice to know that we can grow our own futures to a scale that still significantly impacts our lives (and perhaps the lives of our loved ones.) Choosing the right programs puts us on the right path to success, without wasting our time on dozens of ‘bright ideas’ or ‘flavour-of-the-months’.

Of course, Affiliate Article Writers doesn’t require that you take your 3,000 wives and concubines to the grave with you, and there are no life-threatening penalties for not getting it right, but in your own way by allying yourself with the best affiliate marketing program, you’ve ensured an empire of your own is being built and prepared for future profits.

Here’s hoping your army of warriors is coming along well this week!


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