Article Writing Contest!

Just a quick reminder to everyone that it’s your last day to enter the Spring Sprint article writing contest! Members of the service need to send me the author name they’d like to use for the contest by the end of day today.

The winner gets 15 free articles and everyone who enters gets an extra bit of competition to push them in their article writing, so don’t pass this opportunity up!

A reminder of the rules, from this week’s newsletter:
The member to write (and have published live) the most articles from May 15th thru June 15th will win 15 original skin care articles written by one of our in house freelance writers. These will be articles you will own and then can submit under your name for further traffic and sales.

Also, starting June 16th we will be running the same contest again! From June 16th to July 16th, the member who writes the most articles at EZA that are published and live will win another 15 original skin care articles that they will exclusively own and be able to submit from their account.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop Amie an email with your pen name or author name that you wish to compete under. Remember, all articles must be submitted under the same name. It’s too time consuming for us to count live articles under various pen names.

So, pick one, let Amie know, and we’ll count you in for the contest.

Good luck and good article writing, everyone!

– Amie

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  1. William Petersen says:


    I wish you would continue to run these contest monthly. For those writing articles it is a great motivator if we know the people who won it before can’t win again then it is a bigger motivator to write more articles.

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