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This post was originally done as a newsletter, but I wanted to blog about it as well. It’s slightly edited from the original version.

Today, I have a special message I’d like to ask for your help on–it will be profitable, fun, and for a great cause.
As some of you know, I have mentioned Dr. Mani in previous newsletters. Dr. Mani is man of multi-faceted talents with a heart to match.
Dr. Mani is a long time infopreneur–he writes and sells ebooks and special reports. The profits he generates are used to fund his non-profit charity, eponymously called Dr. Mani’s Children Heart Foundation. 
Other Internet marketers, as well, have contributed significantly to his charity over the years.
Dr. Mani is also a heart surgeon who himself performs the life-saving medical procedures necessary for young children in need whose families would otherwise not be able to afford the expenses required.
The surgeries are specifically for children born with congenital heart defects who would not survive without the needed medical intervention.
Dr. Mani and I came up with a fun idea of how to tie in his mission with YOUR mission–which, of course, is to stay focused on article marketing to build financial freedom in YOUR lives.
If you’re in a rush, you can visit the link now at:
For those who have a few extra minutes, please read on:
As most of you know, EzineArticles ran a 100 articles in a 100 days challenge recently. They are starting another one soon on August 1st.
I had a short private exchange with Chris Knight, in which he told me they want to run the next one as an open source marketing event.
I want to be clear that what Dr. Mani and I have set up is not being endorsed by Chris Knight or EzineArticles.
This is our own creation but we are choosing to run it alongside’s next 100 articles in a 100 days challenge since we believe it will be more fun this way and create some friendly competition with other businesses who may devise their own unique ways to participate.
OK, so what have Dr. Mani and I come up with?
We created a FUN and PROFITABLE way for you to stay accountable to your article marketing endeavors over the next 100 days, starting August 1st.
I think you’ll agree this contest is a win/win.
All I’m asking you to do is sign up to participate in the challenge. As you’ll see at the page we have set up for you, you will donate a certain amount of money (it’s small), to hold yourself accountable.
If you meet our challenge (not hard at all), you will be completely refunded the money…..AND will step in and donate a certain percentage of your upfront participation money to Dr. Mani’s charity to fund a future heart surgery for a child.
Meaning: the donation money will come from us here at AAW and not you if you meet the challenge.
If you do not meet the challenge, then your participation fee will be forfeited to Dr. Mani’s charity.
How could it get better than that? You win even if you lose. And I know with the caliber of article marketers we have, not to mention the volume most students produce, many of you will easily meet this challenge.
Please take 5 minutes or so to review a special little page we have set up for you. I would be honored by your participation:

Dan Ho

PS I may even choose to honor this if you’re not an member. If you’re not, and you’d like to participate, email me at: dan @ (remove the spaces around the @.)

If Dr. Mani and I can ensure a way to check on your progress to see if you meet the challenge, I’ll consider letting you in, and honor the 25% or 12.5% payment from on behalf of Dr. Mani’s charity.

PPS This is a limited time offer. This challenge starts August 1st–no enrollees will be permitted after that date–and it’s also limited to the first 100 participants.

Dan Ho is the founder of, where he teaches hundreds of students how to generate lifetime income through affiliate marketing. Dan Ho is also personally passionate about working out and natural health in his spare time. He is a stay-at-home dad to three young children.

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