How To Write an Article that Pre-sells

If any of us are successful it’s only because we stand on the shoulders of giants. This fact underpins the two fundamental strategies I — and you — should employ when writing articles.

Those two strategies are credited to Dr. Ken Evoy, founder of, and Internet marketer Jimmy D. Brown. In the first instance, it’s called pre-selling; in the latter, it’s known as “useful, but incomplete.”

How do these concepts apply to article marketing?

First, you never want to come across as “sales-y” in your articles. I know doing so is a strong temptation because as affiliate marketers, our goal is to make money, and that happens when we make a sale.

But it’s important to remember that it’s the merchant’s job, not yours, to do the selling. Let their sales copy complete this task.

Someone who is already very far into the buying cycle and knows exactly what they want to buy isn’t really your prospect anyway. They’re not looking for more information.

When we write articles, on the other hand, we are targeting the content to all those people who are in fact still looking for more information, the undecided masses.

If you write an article that reads like a sales pitch and then the prospect gets hit with another one at the merchant’s site, your credibility is diminished.

By contrast, if you give them great information that educates and enlightens, you create credibility. Good content can also position certain products without coming across like a sales pitch.

Now, what about the theory of “useful, but incomplete?” Well, if you are educating or enlightening, or in some way positioning products without being “sales-y,” then you simply want to make sure you are not too thorough in your writing.

At first glance, it sounds a bit odd that you don’t want to be too complete in the information your provide, but it makes perfect sense if you think about it. If you answer the prospect’s inquiry too well, there is no reason they need to investigate what you have to say further.

To put it simply, when article marketing, you want to employ some type of teaser element. An effective article will leave the prospect thinking “I want to visit this author’s website to find out more.”

If you can integrate the concepts of pre-selling and useful but incomplete, you can soon become an article marketing champion affiliate….and watch the sales roll in.

Dan Ho