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From: The Desk of Dan Ho
South Lyon, Michigan

Dan Ho

Dan Ho

Dear Aspiring Affiliate Marketer,

Today represents an exciting day for you — in fact, it could be one of those pivotal moments at which you look back years later and say “that was a major positive turning point in my life.”

But like all possible pivotal moments, this one is fleeting and won’t last. In fact, this is the only time you’ll ever hear of this offer because it’s entirely exclusive to and it will never be offered here again.

My name is Dan Ho and I am the founder of, an affiliate training service that focuses exclusively on promoting lifetime income affiliate products and companies.

For the few years my service has been running, we’ve created many success stories and a lot of good will and friendships with our members. However, one of the sticking points, if I can be candid, was that sometimes the companies we were promoting couldn’t roll out enough lifetime income opportunities fast enough and in large enough markets to cater to all of the members in a manner which spread out the competition to the extent I would have liked.

New, Exciting Product Launch

However, right now, this moment, there is a brief window of opportunity for you. You see, the most trustworthy company we promote in my service just recently released a brand new product after an extensive period of research and development in a billion-dollar-a-year market! This is not an exaggeration at all. According to the prevailing market research, as of last year, this industry was already projected to do over a billion dollars a year in sales — and the best part, it’s continuing to grow rapidly.

Specifically, the market is the digestive health market, which includes sales of probiotics and prebiotics. You’ve probably heard the term probiotics and prebiotics, in fact. For example, yogurt and kefir are popular items often sold in health food stores and touted for their probiotic content and benefits but so are many nutritional supplements.

The best part for you is that in my Affiliate Training Service this represents an opportunity that is virtually untapped because of its recent launch. In fact, the last time a product like this was newly launched in my training service for the members a few years back and had a comparable market size, it became by far the number #1 runaway best seller and money maker for the members collectively . . . and still earns them significant money every month to this day.

If you have ever struggled to find a large market and a breakthrough product — and one that will pay you for the lifetime of the company — I strongly suggest taking action today and securing your stake before it’s too late.

No-Risk Exlusive Offer – For The Last Time Ever To AssociatePrograms

I have made this as easy as possible because you can test drive my system for 15 days with absolutely no risk. And I mean NO risk.

If, at any time, during those 15 days you decide this opportunity isn’t for you, simply cancel out. This is a true no catch, no strings attached, upfront and totally honest offer.

Your only job is to follow our proven, step-by-step instructions on how to create quality, original content from the keywords we give you and generate traffic from this content via article marketing and building up a web site in this niche under our guidance.

In fact, for the first 25 people to act we will even provide you with one of our turn-key presell sites, proven to convert visitors into sales free for the first 30 days as well. These presells normally cost $14.99 a month each. Some members, however, opt to build and host their own websites and save this fee.

To sweeten the pot even more, and to show how serious we are about your success, we will even throw in for FREE for the first 25 people to act a custom written autoresponder series for your presell web site promoting this brand new opportunity — totally hands off effort on your part — which will help boost your conversions even higher.

Give us a try for 15 days. You will never see this offer again and we reserve the right to end it at any time once we believe there are enough members taking advantage of this new product launch and market.

There’s no way I can make it any easier than this for people who truly want to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

Go ahead, and give us a try. Just visit:


Dan Ho

PS If the free trial link is active when you click on it then this offer is still good. If the link becomes inactive, that means we’ve pulled the offer or ended it early due to significant demand. Remember: success occurs when opportunity meets preparedness and this opportunity will never be offered here again.

Act quickly. We’d love for you to become one of our next success stories. Visit today.