Easy Article Writing Secrets That Can Boost Your Online Income Quickly

November 9th

Article marketing as a means to generate leads and sales has been around for several years now, and despite some loud claims of its impending obsolescence, it’s going to remain a viable marketing vehicle for many more years.

However, like all other marketing methods, don’t perceive this one to be easy. Many people read about how easy article writing is and think it’s going to be their key to riches. Sadly, when they find out it takes real work and consistent work, they give up and never reap its true and long lasting benefits.

On the other hand, there are article writing secrets you can employ to make your article writing easier. Secrets is a word that is often overused, but when I use it, I just mean these are things most people simply aren’t aware of and don’t employ, even though they should. Not that they are secrets in the sense that there’s some conspiracy to keep them from you.

One of the best article writing secrets I can give you right now is to write your articles in sets. This means to group your articles in related themes and write as many of those as you can before moving onto another set.

For example, if you are writing about health or nutrition related issues, like I often do, then I might break my article writing into sets about the benefits of fish oil for heart health and write as many articles on that topic as I can before moving to another theme.

Why does this strategy work so well? It’s because to write well about a topic, the most time consuming part is actually the research that goes into the article. If you do the research beforehand, you can write articles almost nonstop on a set without having to keep looking for new reference material.

In addition to employing this easy article writing tip above, another strategy you’ll want to use is to write the actual article titles out for several articles before writing the article bodies themselves.

Why is this a powerful technique? Because the article body must deliver on the article title. So by coming up with some interesting article titles first, you’ve already steered the direction you need to go with the article body itself. I find that when I use this technique, the articles naturally flow from me almost effortlessly when I begin writing.

Try these and other article writing secrets out before you judge, and you’ll find out for yourself just how much they can boost your productivity and online business!

Effective Article Marketing: Is There A Secret To Making This Internet Marketing Strategy Work?

October 15th

Making a living online is a dream for many people, especially in this economy. Is it really as simple as cobbling together a few words and watching the sales roll in? Well, not really… but there are a few tricks that can help you. Here are some effective article marketing tricks.

Give People Good Information First

When you’re first starting out online, it’s tempting to just give people lots of information about a product, without first giving them information about their problem. You see, people don’t search for products, they search for solutions. It’s an important distinction.

Think about it – when was the last time you searched for “a product to cure my wrinkles”? It’s much more likely that you searched for “wrinkle cure” or “how to smooth away wrinkles” or something similar.

Give people helpful tips they can use, and give them thorough scientific reasoning they can wrap their heads around before you give them product advice. Effective article marketing depends on you winning the trust of your reader, and what better way than to give them free, helpful advice.

Get the Click

By nature, when you are writing to gain search engine traffic, your articles will appear in lots of different places. Although I said in the point above that it’s important to give your reader lots of good information, it’s equally important to withhold some information so that they have incentive to click through to your website.

Without the click-through, it won’t be possible for you to earn a commission on a product that they have purchased.

Be sure to give them the information you promised them in the title, but keep back one little tip or tidbit that can really make the reader want to click through to your website.

Find Your Voice

Don’t take the tone of a college professor (unless you’re trying to get people to buy college books!) Remember, your reader won’t be impressed by all the big words you know: they’ll be impressed by how clearly you can communicate a solution to their problems to them. Effective article marketing relies on you communicating to your reader that you have that solution: without that, they are always only one click away from the ‘back’ button.

Establishing a friendly but knowledgeable tone is key to engaging readers and making sales.

These are three general tips for effective article marketing. AffiliateArticleWriters.com is filled with detailed strategies and techniques you can use to get readers to click through to your website or link. If you’re ready to refine your writing and take your skills from average to supercharged, join our program today and learn the effective article marketing strategies that super affiliate Dan Ho has perfected over years of marketing online.

How To Write Articles For Money Using The Affiliate Marketing Model

September 1st

The writer’s dream? To engage in his or her creativity while managing to make a living from it.

Sooner or later, most of us realize we won’t be the next Stephen King or John Grisham, so we use our writing skill for more practical matters: like generating a useful income online.

There are several ways you can write articles for money online, and some are better than others. I will cover just two basic ways here.

First, there are companies and places online that will pay you a modest fee, usually a fixed one, if you create content for them or pen blog posts that they will publish. Sometimes they will give you a byline (meaning author credit), and other times they will want to run it under their own name or brand (you play the role of ghostwriter).

Although freelance writing or creating content for blogs is a viable way to write articles for money, it’s not my preferred method for a couple major reasons. First, you are simply trading time for dollars without building any equity for your efforts. Secondly, the pay scale is usually very low because there are a lot of writers online who are willing to do this sort of writing for cheap.

The second way to write articles for money is to use your writing skills through the prism of affiliate marketing. If you direct your writing talents toward a leveraged system, you can actually build equity through your writing efforts.

What do I mean?

Consider this: for many years I have been promoting affiliate programs that pay me lifetime income. This means, if I bring a customer to the company, the company pays me every time that customer comes back to buy — again and again.

That means by writing even a few articles, I am beginning to build equity, because I can get potentially paid over and over again for the one time effort of those articles. This means I am no longer trading time for dollars in a strict sense.

The second factor that makes this work is to apply the article writing via a system. The scatter shot approach of trying to write articles on a whole bunch of affiliate programs, constantly changing from one to the other, is a sure fire way to dilute your success or prevent your success from happening altogether.

This is why when I created an affiliate training system based on article writing, it had to be a system — one that kept people focused and one that was scalable — and only on carefully selected products and companies that pay for life.

Writing articles for money won’t be an overnight road to riches, but it can be a viable method to generating a useful income online.

Discover the Best Internet Business Opportunity Available Today

August 14th

This is the age of the internet and the luxury it affords: being able to legitimately work at home, whether part time or full time.

Although there are numerous ways you can earn money online, the absolute best internet business opportunity as far as I’m concerned is affiliate marketing.


Well, first and foremost, when you do affiliate marketing, you don’t have to engage in product creation; you simply sell the products other companies have already created. This saves a tremendous amount of time and money.

You don’t have to risk enormous sums of money and liability with manufacturing products that sell. Rather, you can simply research what sells and then jump on those trends and opportunities.

In addition, unlike retail stores, when you do affiliate marketing, you don’t have to buy and stock the products you sell and deal with customers. The company itself fulfills all the orders and deals with the customers!

Your one and only job is to market the products, which you can do entirely online — yes, that’s right, in affiliate marketing you never even have to deal with the face to face rejection that most sales people have to deal with.

It’s perfect for shy or introverted people.

Another reason the best internet business opportunity is affiliate marketing is because of the huge income upside potential. There is no ceiling on your earnings. Your worth isn’t determined by a boss you don’t like, but by how productive you are.

In addition, the expenses of running this business are among the lowest of all business models. Less than $50 dollars a month puts you in business. I don’t know any other authentic business with real income potential that can make the same claim.

Perhaps the best part is that it’s a true home based business. As someone who has been a full time affiliate marketer for the better part of a decade, I can tell you that the joys of getting to spend a lot of quality time with my family is truly priceless.

Your next step? If you’re looking for a real way to create a career or just a part time income, start educating yourself on the ins and outs of how to do affiliate marketing properly. And don’t worry. It’s not hard. When you find out just how simple it is, you’ll wonder why more people aren’t yet involved.

It won’t always be this way. Years from now, the competition could make this a very difficult business, but thankfully the window of opportunity is still wide open.

The Remarkable Difference Between Building Equity Vs Getting Paid To Write Articles

July 12th

A lot of people are looking to get paid to write articles. Freelance writing and ghostwriting are hot topics online as many people all over the world are looking to make a useful side income in these turbulent times.

And getting paid to write articles is a viable way to earn some extra cash, whether you’re blogging or ghostwriting for publishers.

However, there are a couple of issues you should seriously consider before heading down this path, to determine if it’s the right one for you as opposed to building true equity with your article writing skills.

First, freelance writing and ghostwriting tend to be low paid careers because the supply of writers is so high. This tends to drive the price publishers are willing to pay for any article down.

Moreover, you will only get paid to the extent that you write. If you get sick or stop writing, well, you stop getting paid. Another issue is finding publishers who will accept your writing (they may want to see samples of previously published work first) and I’ve known many article writers who have put in a lot of hard work writing articles and then getting stiffed — that is, not paid! And collecting money owed to you as a writer is virtually impossible on the Internet.

What’s interesting is if you just take the same writing skills you have and use them in a different fashion, you can create a lot more income for yourself over time and build true equity with your writing — meaning, you can even generate income after you stop writing.

No, I’m not talking about something far-fetched like becoming a rare NY times best selling author and making royalties on your works. That’s great stuff, but it’s a pipe dream for most of us.

But what is within our grasp is using our writing skills to get paid on lifetime income affiliate programs. There is no trust issue of whether you’ll get paid because the software automatically does the tracking. You don’t have to worry about if the publisher will like your work because you are not asking their permission. You are writing for yourself and your own benefit.

And best of all, when sales start to happen, which they will soon enough if you stick to it, you can get paid over and over again on the same customers your original articles generated.

None of this is a pipe dream; it’s something I’ve personally been doing for almost a decade and have been teaching for the past three years to hundreds of writers around the world.

A system where you gain leverage from your writing skills can truly be the difference between getting paid to write articles for a pittance or building a significant, passive income that will continue to flow in regardless if you decide to write on any given day.

The net result is nothing short of a massive difference in the lifestyle of those who exchange their writing time for dollars and those who work smarter by building equity with their writing efforts.

Freelance Article Writing: Making Money In A Tough Economy

June 3rd

Are you looking for a great way to earn money from home, either while you look after young children or aging parents? Perhaps you’re trying to replace some income that was lost in this tough economy. Regardless of your reason, one low-cost way to start making money is with freelance article writing.

Writing For Other People

One way to make money with freelance article writing is to look for work on websites such as Odesk or Elance. These sites allow you to post samples of your writing, and you can get notified when people are looking for writers who match your criteria.

The downside? It’s “work once, get paid once”.

Work Once, Get Paid Forever

There is a smarter way to do freelance article writing: use article writing as a marketing strategy to get traffic to your affiliate link.

An affiliate link is a cookie that gets set on someone’s computer when they click on an article you have written. You get that cookie from a merchant who has items for sale online.

When you use this strategy, you write articles that contain a link back to the merchant’s site with your cookie, or to your website that also has a link back to the merchant’s site.

A potential customer clicks on it, and if they buy something, you get a commission on the sale!

What’s the Forever Part?

If you pick the merchants wisely, you can find some that give you what is called a “lifetime commission”. In short, that means that every time the customer in the example above purchases something, you will get a commission, for as long as that person remains a customer. Even if it’s years.

So instead of your freelance article writing only netting you a couple of dollars on one of those websites I mentioned above, your articles potentially earn you money for life. Now, doesn’t that sound like a better deal?

In addition, your articles can reach more than one person (obviously!). If you do the work correctly, you can get highly ranked at search engines for the topics you’re writing on, and that’s when the money will start to flow in.

It isn’t easy to find the right merchants to partner with, of course. It’s critically important that you don’t waste time with shady or untrustworthy affiliate partners.

It’s also important that you have a strategy around the keywords you use in your articles to get people who are looking to buy.

To find out the best programs to work with, the right keywords to use, and to get lessons on how to do freelance article writing so that it makes sales for you, visit our website today.

Article Writing Contest!

May 14th

Just a quick reminder to everyone that it’s your last day to enter the Spring Sprint article writing contest! Members of the service need to send me the author name they’d like to use for the contest by the end of day today.

The winner gets 15 free articles and everyone who enters gets an extra bit of competition to push them in their article writing, so don’t pass this opportunity up!

A reminder of the rules, from this week’s newsletter:
The member to write (and have published live) the most articles from May 15th thru June 15th will win 15 original skin care articles written by one of our in house freelance writers. These will be articles you will own and then can submit under your name for further traffic and sales.

Also, starting June 16th we will be running the same contest again! From June 16th to July 16th, the member who writes the most articles at EZA that are published and live will win another 15 original skin care articles that they will exclusively own and be able to submit from their account.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop Amie an email with your pen name or author name that you wish to compete under. Remember, all articles must be submitted under the same name. It’s too time consuming for us to count live articles under various pen names.

So, pick one, let Amie know, and we’ll count you in for the contest.

Good luck and good article writing, everyone!

– Amie

Article Marketing Strategy: Don’t Give It All Away For Free!

May 5th

So often when potential students email us about joining our service, they’ve tried an article marketing strategy and declared it ‘didn’t work’ after just a few articles! The key to a successful article marketing strategy is to consistently and steadily output a volume of articles on your topic.

So how do you get to the point where you’re able to write several articles a week or even a day? Watch this video with the most common problem we see with people testing out new article marketing strategies, and get some advice about what to do to increase your output.

Creating volume becomes easier the better you understand your audience. Remember the mindset they’re coming from, and remember what you would think if you were in their shoes: What’s in it for me?

Get more article marketing strategies in our Weekly Classes section.

Article Writing Tips: Defeating the Dreaded Blank Screen

April 20th

Are you struggling to get past the big white blank screen? Looking for some article writing tips to get you started?

Students in our service set a goal of 10 articles or more a week. Without a doubt the first ten are the hardest, and then they hit their stride and are able to write more easily.

What are some proven techniques to get the words flowing? This video shows you two quick article marketing tips that will jumpstart the process for you.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program Creates Your Lasting Empire

March 30th

As some of you know from email exchanges with me, I’m in China this week with my husband. We took a fantastic side trip to Xi’An, fulfilling a 15-year-old dream of mine to see China’s Terra Cotta Warriors in person. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a mind-boggling archaeological excavation, first discovered by a farmer digging a well in 1974, and dating back to the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. Qin commissioned an enormous village of guardians, officers, chariots, horses and so on to guard him into the afterlife, thereby protecting his empire long after his work was done.

This incredible army currently stands at over 7,000 life-sized warriors, each one individual (upon pain of death if you were caught making them the same!). The excavations are painstaking and Ian and I were sure that in 20 years, we’ll find out the total number of warriors was much more at the time. All of this is just incredible given that it was built by hand some 200 years BC! Other emperors followed and built temporal palaces that have since crumbled and gone, but by building this magnificent complex underground and largely out of sight, Qin’s complex remains to this day.

Terra Cotta Warriors

Terra Cotta Warriors

All of it made me think of the foresight of this emperor, who, at the remarkably young age of 13 began planning for the afterlife. There are parallels to our article marketing course in some ways. By only selecting the best affiliate marketing programs, we’re able to ensure that long after we have sent our articles out into the world and they have faded from our memories, they have an afterlife of their own, bringing in lifetime commissions for us. It’s an underground strategy, based on volume, but it works.

Sound like a stretch? Well, since few of us have half a million or so servants at our beck and call to make our fortunes for us, it’s nice to know that we can grow our own futures to a scale that still significantly impacts our lives (and perhaps the lives of our loved ones.) Choosing the right programs puts us on the right path to success, without wasting our time on dozens of ‘bright ideas’ or ‘flavour-of-the-months’.

Of course, Affiliate Article Writers doesn’t require that you take your 3,000 wives and concubines to the grave with you, and there are no life-threatening penalties for not getting it right, but in your own way by allying yourself with the best affiliate marketing program, you’ve ensured an empire of your own is being built and prepared for future profits.

Here’s hoping your army of warriors is coming along well this week!