Article Writing Service

davebloom_largeHey Folks,

This is David Bloom. You may remember me from some of the training calls and posts. At any rate, we’ve decided to launch a new writing service exclusively for you guys here at AAW. Some of our older members might remember the Mosaic Writing service offered before the transition to AAW. This will be a new and improved version of that service, with writers specially trained on the products you are promoting.

We are introducing this service to complement your current output, not substitute it. You should always try to write as many articles as you can yourself. So use this service simply as a means to increase the amount of articles you are submitting to the directories.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Periodically, we will send out a newsletter announcing that the AAW writing service is open. (You will need to sign up in the box on the right or below for this, as it is separate from the regular newsletter).

When you receive that newsletter, you can place an order for up to 5 articles at a time. The articles will be $11 each for regular turnaround (within 14 days) and $14 each for speedy turnaround (within 7 days)

If you want articles that round, make a payment to for the total amount. For example, if you are ordering 5 articles at the speedy rate, you would make a payment for 5 x $14 or $70.

Then, send an email to the same email address,, with your instructions. (Make sure you tell us the name of the paypal name/email the payment is coming from so we can match it up with your order)

The email should look something like this:


Hello AAW,

This is Bob Smith and I just made a payment for 5 speedy turnaround articles from ABC Marketing, LLC. Please write the following articles for me:

Article 1: primary keyword, secondary keyword
Article 2: primary keyword, secondary keyword
Article 3: primary keyword, secondary keyword
Article 4: primary keyword, secondary keyword
Article 5: primary keyword, secondary keyword




A few things to keep in mind:

1. You can give brief direction when placing your order. If you want your articles to be a certain length, if you want subheads, etc., just include that at the end of your order. Otherwise, just provide the keywords…our writers know exactly what to do.

2. Once we’ve reached capacity, we will close the service. So if you’re interested in placing an order, try to do so as quickly as possible to ensure you don’t miss out on a round.

If you have any questions about the service, please feel free to PM me or post. Check back here for announcements and updates.

We believe this will be a great service for those that want to take their article marketing efforts to the next level.