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AffiliateArticleWriters.com is a team dedicated to showing writers how they can take skills they already have and apply them to creating valuable content that pays recurring lifetime commissions . . . to the writers, not to their clients. 

Dan Ho

Dan Ho

Led by Dan Ho, the team at AAW shows writers how to put the missing pieces together to take the guesswork out of finding profitable areas to write about, at their own pace, and completely under their own control. No more worrying about whether a client can lead to repeat business, no more worrying about deadlines: this system is completely driven by the users.

 About Dan

Dan Ho is a world leading authority on affiliate article writing. He has thousands of live articles and millions of article views to his credit and his and his student’s articles have driven millions of dollars in affiliate sales. Dan has been fully dedicated to affiliate article writing for almost 5 years.

But Dan’s mastery of the art and science of affiliate article writing didn’t happen overnight, it happened out of necessity. Dan started his online journey like hundreds of thousands of others, by searching a program that would show him how to build his own website and how to make money from it.

Dan was one of the lucky ones, (thanks to Allan Gardyne) he discovered Dr. Ken Evoy’s Site Build It website and online business building solution. Dan bought the SBI package and applied himself to learning and applying the Site Build It system. He developed his skills and became highly proficient in the use of all the SBI tools and features, and eventually became a certified Site Build It webmaster.

Dan developed a deep and detailed understanding of what it takes and the time it takes to build, develop and nurture a successful website and online business. Dan fully understood that it takes time to get good organic search engine results. And Dan consistently heard the same question from his clients over and over again…How long it is going to take before I start making some money?

Dan knew that the answer wasn’t going to be what his clients wanted to hear.

The simple truth is that most people just do not have the time, inclination, dedication or patience to learn and apply all the pre-requisite elements required to build and develop a successful online business.

So Dan developed a turnkey approach to making money online, designed to help writers earn lifetime income doing what it is they do best – writing – while he focused on the behind-the-scenes mechanics and magic involved in getting the right work in front of the right people in the right way. And so Affiliate Article Writers was born.